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— feeling beaten

Oh Horrors! Fictfact closed. Please do reblog so everyone using knows to download their data.

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— feeling beaten

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!  Just went to update my series read to see this from fictfact:

"FictFact is closed.

We recently lost our primary source of income, Amazon Associate sales. Due to a minor error on our part, we unknowingly had in infraction of their terms. We tried to appeal after we corrected the issue, but was not successful and they terminated our account. Over the years, we have had donations from our wonderful supporters, but it is not enough to cover our operating costs. We are extremely sad to have to close down the site after almost 10 years. Thank you for all your support over the years!!


Please login to download your book data as a CSV file before July 1, 2019."

Even back in goodreads' heyday, I tracked my series reads there.  No other booksite has their series features.  Leafmarks might have gotten there then went defunct; Shelfari was close ... with booklikes purchase links missing or no longer working, I even made sure to use fictfact's links when buying books in order to support them.  I wish they'd have tried asking for funding from members and asking members to buy more at barnes-and-noble and their other purchase links.


I have no issues with the simple series info on goodreads or booklikes (except thoroughness on booklikes) -- but it's just not the features I wanted.  And goodreads has so many new librarians that overwrite series info without reading the descriptions or librarian notes explaining long researched accuracies that it's a gamble -- even if I was willing to go back to goodreads.  Heck, goodreads' "My Books" and search doesn't even have a series column.


Source: http://www.fictfact.com

ghostly shenanigans

Delia's Shadow - Jaime Lee Moyer

Delia Martin is from early twentieth-century San Francisco and she has come back to help care for the woman who took her in when her parents died in the San Francisco fire.  She has always had ghosts as companions and originally she ran away to New York to escape their ever-presence, which disconcerted her.  Now she's back and there are more around and they seem to be related to the case her foster-sister's fiance is involved with. A serial killer who left for a while and seems to be back to prey on the extra people from the Exhibition that's in San Francisco this year.


It's that pre-war era that is quite interesting for a lot of writers and I liked it.  This is a cop drama with some supernatural elements that really appeals to me and keeps me reading.  There were moments where the pacing seemed uneven but overall it was an interesting read with people who cared for and about each other throughout.  I'm looking forward to more in this series.


His Three-Day Duchess (The Sommersby Brides, Book 3) - Laurie Benson

The Duchess of Skeffington has lost her husband and what she expects isn't what she gets. The house is miles from anyone she knows and not the house she had hoped for, it was the last insult her elderly husband put on her. The new Duke is certain that she's a gold digger and too caught up with the importance of being a duchess, not realising that her skills and habits have been hard won and have become reflex to save herself from titters and husbandly wrath.

So when she's with her family for Christmas, she decides to break her trip by visiting the house she once loved, he's off somewhere foreign, only he isn't and their second meeting goes as well as their first, which is to say, badly. When a letter arrives for her to tell her that her funds have been stolen, they both go to London to investigate and pretend to be husband and wife over the three nights. This brings them to better realise each other and the attraction builds. 

It's interesting, the mystery resolved itself fairly easily but the building relationship was interesting and the characters sparked well off each other. 

prefer her fantasy

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith

Cormoran Strike has just broken up with his girlfriend, and he's living in his office. The latest in his long list of temporary secretaries (that he can barely afford) has just arrived so when a possible windfall of an investigation lands on his lap he doesn't hesitate. A troubled model fell from a balcony and her brother isn't sure that it was an accident. It drags him into a world where his father is better known than he is, his groupie mother died of a drugs overdose and his famous rock-star father won't be forgotten, even if Cormoran is an injured war veteran.

The building relationship between Cormoran and his secretary is interesting and the two of them work together as a team, but Cormoran needs to work on better team building. He often holds his cards very close to his chest. Not the best mystery series I've read but I will read more in this series.

Russian inspired fantasy

Witchsign - Den Patrick

This was an interesting first book in a series. In a world where a sign of magic will have you taken from your family and brought to a mysterious island where everyone assumes you're going to die, but that's not the whole story, the state wants to control magic and train people with the gift, some of them die, but the rest join the ranks of the Empire's elite. Wielding power and terrorising people in the name of the state. There were dragons but they have lapsed into the realm of myth and the Gods once worshiped are forbidden.
Steiner lives with his sister Kjell in a small village, off the beaten track with their blacksmith father and every year the Vigilants appear to test the children. He knows that his sister may have magic in her, and he fears what will happen if they discover it, when he's taken, even though he's older than most it starts a chain of events that with resonate throughout the empire and possibly the world.

It's using some Russian and Eastern European tropes and ideas and it quite interesting, it will be interesting to see where this is going to go. There were places where it felt like a first novel and I notice it isn't. Feels like a crossover YA/Adult novel.

Scars aren't always on the outside

The Viscount’s Veiled Lady (Whitby Weddings, Book 3) - Jenni Fletcher

Frances Webster lives with her parents and her sister who is almost out of her first year of mourning. Frances herself is scarred from an accident and has resigned herself to being a widow, hiding herself under a veil. When her sister dispatches her to beg Arthur Amberton to meet with her; she goes, reluctantly. There she finds a man changed by hard living and trying to overcome a minor mental breakdown he had. The two of them find a friendship, but her sister was engaged to him and she can't help wonder if there's still something there. He's not sure that he could be a good husband, his emotional scars run deep. They're both helped by his brother and his brother's wife.

It all starts very well and the story of two people, one scarred externally and one internally kept me reading and then somewhere half way through it seemed to lose it's direction a little over half way through and it just seemed to be throwing more obstacles that seemed to come out of nowhere really. I liked how he restored her confidence and treated her so well. 

Good story, pacing could do with work.

good second book about Bullet Journaling

How to Bullet Plan: Everything You Need to Know About Journaling with Bullet Points - Rachel Wilkerson Miller

This is a good, fairly unfussy book about how to create bullet journal pages to suit you with a lot of ideas to choose from and very little added stuff.  This is a good companion book to the original Ryder Caroll book and for people who want the next level before going illustration crazy.  There is very little adornment and it's pretty basic stuff.  Much less intimidating than the artistic works committed on Pinterest, this is a good guide to the potential of Bullet Journaling.  Not everything here will suit everyone but there's probably at least one idea that will stick.  I particularly liked the idea of meal planning with postits and the financial planning.  Helpfully she also lists all the accessories she uses and compares pens.  This is a good second book on Bullet Journaling.  I found it a very quick read - it is mostly illustrated with examples, but worth the read. 

I took it out into the sun yesterday evening to enjoy the sunshine after work and read it in one sitting.

entertaining read

The Uncompromising Lord Flint (The King's Elite, Book 2) - Virginia Heath

Well that was an interesting story, more about the adventure sometimes than the romance but you could see that sparks would fly in this relationship and that they really did care for each other. The slow build from enemies and captor and prisoner worked for me. She really wants her freedom from all the imposed barriers to her freedom and eventually she finds what she needs from life.

Lady Jessamine Fane is charged with treason, helping a French smuggler who is in collaboration with some fairly high-up English lords. She protests that she's a victim here but Lord Peter Flint is charged with bringing her to justice. The more he knows her the more he doubts the simplicity of the charges.

I liked the story and the characters.

great fun

Terminal Uprising - Jim C. Hines

You need to have read the first book in the series before embarking on this one, this just follows up on the first story and now Mops is determined to discover more about humanity's past and how it has got to where it is. She also has to deal with a lawyer, that might's exactly have humanity's best interest at heart and the fact that several people want her dead to keep their secrets, well, secret.

There's character development (one of my favourite is her AI!), people having to deal with leadership roles being thrust at them and fighting Librarians.  It's witty and fun and both myself and my husband read it.  Despite me reading it first that didn't stop my husband from reading funny pieces out to me.

good crimefighting duo

The Somnambulist and the Psychic Thief - Lisa Tuttle

Most of the story is contained in the title. Miss Lane has been a companion to a psychic until she discovers that the psychic is a fraud. On a moments whim she goes for a job as a private detective with Mr Jasper Jesperson and also finds somewhere to live with him and his mother. Money is getting tight until a wife comes looking for help with her somnambulist husband and this lead them into a mystery about missing mediums. During the investigation they find out more about each other and about the things that can go wrong.

Interesting story and the two characters work well together. The mother is a character in her own right and you can see how resilient she is. There was a bit of handwavium about his skills but overall it was an interesting read.

mixed bag

Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes - George Mann, Philip Purser-Hallard, Andrew Lane, Mark A. Latham, Nick Campbell, James Goss, William Patrick Maynard, Alexandra Martukovich, Roy Gill, Scott Handcock, Guy Adams, Lou Anders, Justin Richards, Philip Marsh

It's like any short story collection, a mixed bag of good and meh.  There are a lot of slightly different takes (an interesting mash of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Conan Doyle in The Snowthorn Terror).


For me none of the stories really stood out exceptionally as very good but neither did they stand out as exceptionally bad (except perhaps "An adventure in three courses", which wasn't as much bad as fairly out of what I would see as Holmesian character).  Several have supernatural or SF elements and I found it an entertaining read.

and I'm mostly done

Gods but the "add new books" interface is clunky and problematic. No I didn't mean Patrick O'Brien when I typed S A Patrick; nor did I mean the random person they chose when I said E V Harte.  I was having minor access issues with Booklikes this week so I fell behind, but I'm mostly caught up now.  I'm also a bit tired about having to add almost every book I've read.  Dammit, not everyone is from the US, a few more sources would be useful.  I'm done for today though.



Everless - Sara  Holland

In quite a literal interpretation of blood money. People's blood can be taken in this story and converted into money which they then can use to pay for things. The wealthy use it to extend their lives and the poor live lives that are nasty and short and full of blood that's spilt in the name of survival.Jules and her father are behind in the rent and desperate so Jules goes behind his back and takes a job at Everless with the ruthless Gerling family, where she grew up and secrets lurk.

It's an interesting blend of alchemy and class struggle and altogether interesting. I'm quite curious as to what is going to happen now to the story and what is going to happen to the various characters.

The Prime of Ms Dolly Greene (Dolly Greene #1) - E. V. Harte

Dolly Greene is coping with life, living in a small cottage down a small lane in London, she knows her neighbours fairly well.and reads Tarot cards for a living. Currently her daughter is living with her (and sharing her bed, it's a very small house) wondering if she will ever find love again. During one of her readings she has a flash of vision; the woman she's reading for with bruises and blood on her face. When she hears a woman's body has washed up nearby she worries about the woman she read for. Then her neighbour starts behaving strangely before dying and one of the investigating policemen may be more interesting to her than first glance, her life becomes complicated and it's all very busy.

It's entertaining and fun and a good cosy mystery. I'm looking forward to more in this series.

A Darkness of Dragons (Songs of Magic) - S A Patrick

In a world where the Pied Piper of Hamelyn not only piped children away but draconic children too and where he was captured and imprisoned by other pipers, in this world pipers have power, there is some suspicion about pipers, but the town of Patterfall is desperate. So when a young man stumbles into the town, frozen and half-dead where the town has a rat problem and he's a piper, he tries to help but finds that things are more complicated than they seem. Stumbling into a rat who is a cursed girl (Wren) he eventually finds a fire-breathing dragogriff who also befriends them but they have to fight much more evil than they expected.

While technically a children's book there's a lot of layers about trust and friendship and learning to be a responsible person and sacrifices that have to be made for the greater good and I want more!

Her Convenient Husband's Return - Eleanor Webster

The author was careful to lead the reader down the road of this blindness being hereditary and she also has a non-neurotypical brother.
Beth married a childhood friend to escape debt and a predator. Then her husband left for a life of debauchery until his brother dies and leaves him with the estate. He doesn't feel like he deserves the title as he is illegitimate (someone needed to point out to him that the only parent anyone at the time could really prove was the mother). She still fears her predator, who wants her lands and her innocence and also fears passing on the blindness.
It does have a solid dose of crazy-sauce (Blindness! Illegitimacy! Drug Addiction! Predator older man!) it read well and it was interesting. I had fun reading it and it kept my interest. I got where a lot of the characters were coming from and felt that the growth in the relationship was well done.

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