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Reading progress update: I've read 174 out of 368 pages.

Behind Closed Doors: At Home in Georgian England - Amanda Vickery

Dear writer,


Yellow is known in Heraldry, it's what they call gold.  Of course you wouldn't colour a mundane shield in gold, you paint it yellow and your parchment would have gold, as it still does to this day, ditto for silver and white.  


Your friendly proto-herald who has apparently read too much on this topic.



You know what annoys me?  I have a 2:2 in History (this may be partially attributed to extreme exam anxiety, most of my college exams were sat in the college's sick room).  I graduated in 1994, I apparently know a lot more bits of history that are obscure to so many people, I still read history, and I know so many people with "better" degrees than mine who haven't read much in the topic in years and have forgotten most of it.


I really have to find a topic and write somethings about them.  I'm tired of yelling at the TV and books that haven't a clue.

Reading progress update: I've read 420 out of 768 pages.

The Falcon Throne (The Tarnished Crown Series) - Karen Miller

Alternating between this and The Pharmacists Wife and honestly neither are grabbing my attention.

Reading progress update: I've read 150 out of 386 pages.

The Pharmacist's Wife - Vanessa Tait

I'm finding this a hard book to like, induced addiction is not a good topic for me.

Bad mother

Twice Bitten: An Argeneau Novel - Lynsay Sands

I can see why Elspeth Argeneau ran away from her mother, I could imagine some mothers who would like to have the power to make their children do what they want them to do at all times.  When her mother follows her she isn't sure what to do next.  However she's somewhat distracted by her landlady's hot grandson who isn't sure about her, after all he fell for her when he was in London four years ago but she doesn't remember him.


I really enjoyed this, a park brain read where you don't ask too many questions but I enjoyed the ride.

Opposites attract

Forbidden Nights with the Viscount (Hadley's Hellions) - Julia Justiss

Lady Margaret Roberts is a widow, she works with her father as his hostess, Giles Hadley, estranged from his family, is from the opposite end of the political spectrum but when both of them meet they're quite attracted.  There are a number of problems getting in their way, not least of which is his brother who wants her as a wife.  


They engage in an affair and it becomes steamy (they're quite careful and it's well done) the two become very entangled but can he convince her to become his wife.  When a shot barely misses her things get more serious.


I really liked this story, the characters were well drawn and interesting in their adult behaviour.

Madness and medicine

A Warriner to Tempt Her (The Wild Warriners) - Virginia Heath

Lady Isabella Beaumont is hiding out trying to cope with a terrible repercussions of an assault, referred to in her family as "the incident". It's left her afraid, of people, of outside of a lot of things, but she's found a mission in helping out with the sick.  One of the village doctors is Dr Joseph Warriner and they find themselves working together and they're attracted but her fears are a big barrier.  When crisis brings them closer they're not sure how to cope.  It's a good story with solid characters.


It explores the treatment of post traumatic events and how people can help each other. The ending did give me warm fuzzies.

was willing to suspend my disbelief

Elite: A Hunter novel - Mercedes Lackey

Now Joyeaux is a member of the Elite and she's dealing with the aftermath of the last fight. Now she's helping clear storm drains of lingering monsters so maintenance people can deal with them. She comes across bodies of psimon who appear to have died from old age. Then Ace escapes and things start to get more and more stressful.

There's a lot of complicated politics and undercurrents going on and she's trying to do her best. She's also learning more about the bond between hunter and hound.

Intresting read and I really want to know what's going to happen next.

Interesting look at London

Queer City: Gay London from the Romans to the Present Day - Peter Ackroyd

Peter Ackroyd has written many books about London and knows his city. In this he keeps himself at arms length except where he's describing the experience of AIDS and then I discovered (and wasn't surprised) that he nursed his own partner through it . This book explores mostly the past but the constant refrain is that queers/.LGBTQIA have always been around and in some instances have been quite influential in the city and now the only real difference is that they don't have to use beards or pretend they are not what they are.

It's largely a celebration of how queer is normal and that people come in many flavours and that the only thing that we have now is different terms and fewer legal problems.

A thoughtful read and worthwhile.

worldbuilding makes for a slow start

Hunter - Mercedes Lackey

When you've read a lot of Mercedes Lackey you know some of the things to expect, an orphan, with secrets, and power. They find romance but it's not going to be easy and there are corrupt officials. This book has a lot of setup for the world and some geeky clothing details.

We first meet Joyeaux Charmand who is travelling to the city by train when it's attacked by beings from the otherworld. The barrier between our world and the otherworld has been damaged and now creatures from that otherworld attack. Hunters defend humanity from these creatures and Joyeaux is a Hunter. Citizens or Cits live in enclosed communities and watch reality TV with hunters beating the creatures; however things are not all how they seem and she has to try to fight those who would keep the status quo without examing patterns or problems.

Joy has some help in her uncle and his assistant who is a psychic and with whom romance begins to blossom.

It's pretty typical Mercedes Lackey, set in a more modern setting with TV and modern weapons rather than pre-industrial as usual. I found it very entertaining and I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

Daisy Fletcher finds a body in the Tower

Bloody Tower (A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery) - Carola Dunn

Like her surname-sake Jessica, Daisy goes somewhere and there's a body. This time she's at the Tower of London by request of her editor and she stays there to see the key ceremony. She wakes early and really wants to go home to her twins but on her way out she finds a body (quelle surprise). Of course her husband is assigned to investigate, but he has to deal with Tower politics as well as multiplying motives and suspects. It also has a few glimpses into the aftereffects of World War I and the impact it ohad on the soldiers.

Relatively predictable but entertaining.

military meets fantasy

Control Point  - Myke Cole

Oscar Britton is an army officer in a special group who hunt up the newly awakened magic users who are cropping up all over the place.  No-one knows why but they're a danger to everyone around them so they're rounded up for their own safety.  Now Oscar himself is showing signs of magic breaking out so he runs.


They catch him and he';s brought to training, but he has questions about the right and wrong of what they're doing and why and if there might be a better way.


Interesting read.  There were times when I got bogged down in military detail and occurences and the romance didn't really work for me but overall it wasn't a bad read that felt pretty realistic.

A relationship that might just last

Redeeming the Roguish Rake - Liz Tyner

Fenton Foxworthy has asked a lot of married women to marry him and some are scandalised while others are very annoyed at him. He decides to visit his father, with whom he has a fractious relationship. On the way he's waylaid and left for dead. When he's rescude by the local vicar they all assume he's the new vicar, who is intended for Rebecca, the vicar's daughter.

Rebecca nurses him back to health and they discover that they both have a lot of respect for each other, possibly a tenderness. He asks her to marry him, bur she doesn't really know who he is. When she discovers who he is she starts to panic and the stress makes her stop eating. She's stressed by the idea of being his wife and it's not makig her happy. He's finding that he really wants her to be happy, no matter what it takes.

A lovely story that made me care and wnat things to be better, it's clear at the end that the prohlems aren't gone but they're both willing to work with it to create a partnership and to love each other and that's a better end than most stories I've read.

panic and deal

Promise Not to Tell - Jayne Ann Krentz

There were parts of the relationship that didn't quite work (insta-love is not my favourite trope) but the part where they both take care of each other when they both suffer from panic attacks and other issues? That works like a charm.


Virginia Troy is a gallery owner, her past includes escaping from a cult as a child and one of her artists is one of that cult's former members.  When they escaped they almost died in a fire and she lost her mother.  When the artist dies, apparently of suicide, she doubts the verdict, but she only has intuition to steer her.  She turns to a private investigation firm.  The firm is headed by the man who rescued all the children he could and adopted three.  She was taken by her mother clutching a book that holds the future for them all.


Sometimes it felt like it was lagging and unsure if it was supposed to be a thriller or a romance novel, but overall it kept me reading and by the end I cared for this PTSD with bonus panic attack couple drama with murderous tension in the background.  It kept me reading and I did enjoy it.

Actual Dermatology expert talks about skin

The Skincare Bible - Anjali Mahto

This is a book about skincare for amateurs, written by a professional.  Dr Anjali Mahto is a leading UK consultant dermatologist and she has serious problems with a lot of the pseudo science going around so this book is basically a good rant and some good advice along the way.


She does advocate using sunscreen all the time and explains the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens, which I had never known.  Still I've also seen a lot of advice from a lot of skincare professionals who advise that you should probably get a bit of unfiltered sun occasionally.  She does advise making sure your vitamin d is topped up with other means if you're using sunscreen all the time, which is a good thing.


Still overall it's a useful book to learn the things you probably should be doing and the reasons some of the drugs are used rather than some of the more "natural" things.  She also peppers the commentary with some personal insights into dealing with chronic acne herself and what some of the anti-ageing processes feel like.


She's good at what she does and good at passing on her knowledge.

Cat and librarian hero, my catnip

Murder Past Due  - Miranda James

Charlie Harris works in his home town, Athena, Mississippi, as a librarian who walks his cat to work, a rescued Maine Coon, on a leash.

An ex-classmate of his, Godfrey Priest, is returning to the town to do a book launch and has some other plans as well, this involves Charlie's lodger, the son of another ex-classmate. When Godfrey ends up dead things are complicated and messy and Charlie can see some things that need to be investigaed to discover what has happened and a lot of skeletons come out of several closets.

I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to more.

Well written romance

Waltzing with the Earl - Catherine Tinley

This was quite a charming read. Charlotte Wyncroft is sent by her father to a cousin so that she can experience London society, having lived with her officer father on the Continent all her life. She has to deal with the petty jealousy of her cousin, Henrietta Buxted who is spoiled rotten, and with Henrietta's upwardly mobile snobbish mother. She meets the Earl of Shalford but he needs a wealthy wife to save his estate, as far as the Buxteds know, Charlotte isn't wealthy, so when her father is reported as missing in action she is cruely treated.
I guessed a lot of the suspense but it's well done and I found the read quite enjoyable.

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