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Locked room variation.

Places in the Darkness - Christopher Brookmyre

It was supposed to be a utopia, a city in the sky where only the elite lived, Ciudad de Cielo is the place, usually abbreviated to CdC and sometimes other names. There people work to advance humanity. Only sometimes the work is a load people have issues with, sometimes the pay isn't enough and sometimes the ordinary folk need a break. So an underworld has developed and part of that underworld is Nikki Freeman, a jaded cop whose alter ego Nikki Fixx is well known in the underworld. CdC is a place with low crime and low murder rates until a murder sends everyone into a tail spin. Alice Blake is sent from earth to help investigate but she has no idea who to trust There are factions and plots and more bodies.


Well that was an interesting twist on the locked room mystery, even if it's a bit frayed around the edges of that trope. Fairly believable overall.

Horses link them

Lord Hunter's Cinderella Heiress (Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies) - Lara Temple

I found this quite a powerful read, even if the end felt a little rushed.


Helen Tilney finds out she's engaged to Lord Hunter suddenly and she has to try to disengage herself, ensure her posessive, poisonous family have no input in her life and maybe find love with her first love.  However Helen and Hunter's relationship starts to become more caught up with each other and their horses to be easy to undo.  


Nell is a great character and just doesn't take no as an answer well but she also suffers from a lot of stress aftereffects, as does Lord Hunter, but it's almost neglected for the end.

Rescuing the maiden

In Debt to the Earl - Elizabeth Rolls

Her father is a disreputable card sharp, James, Earl of Cambourne is hunting him.  When he finds Lucy he can't help himself from wanting to rescue her.  This complicates both of their lives. Eventually her father's cronies lead her into danger.


It's interesting and exciting and I enjoyed the read.

both need saving

Secret Lessons with the Rake (Hadley's Hellions) - Julia Justiss

Christopher Lattimar needs a marriage, he wants to get a proper marriage and overcome some of the gossip in his family. He's a politician and he has been a rake but now he has to settle down.  He turns to Ellie Parmenter, a former courtesan, she knows how to advise him but he has to try to resist her charms, she doesn't want to be a courtesan again.  


There is a bit of justification of his attraction for her, she's from a "good" family, who fell on hard time but her family's treatment of her is appalling.  It's not a bad read and I was rooting for the pair.

Food for thought

The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People's Lives Better, Too) - Gretchen Rubin

Yes it's a bit simplistic and reductive but it also is quite logical. Some people are more motivated by outer accountability and some by inner and some are a mix and others reject your reality.


I found it somewhat fascinating and the biggest thing to come out of it is that people think differently and work differently and you have to accomodate that in work and home.


And for the record I'm an Obliger

Not bad, could do better

The Book of the Cailleach: Stories of the Wise Woman Healer - Gearóid Ó Crualaoich

As a collection of Cailleach stories this is interesting but some of the groping to make all stories of hags in Irish culture stories of the same Cailleach and it all feels like a mish-mash of stories that are divorced of place and special and in many instances I think that the place is important to the story and that he's treating too many of the stories with a badge of same without thinking about what makes them unique and specific. He also fails to distinguish between stories that echo and are almost avatars of the Cailleach and speak to the endurance of the story over time and how it still resonated to people up to the early 20th century. It's a good collection of stories but I'm not happy with the conclusions.

Better than most

Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to a Healthy Body Image in a Picture-Perfect World - Katie H. Willcox

She makes the point over and over that being healthy is more important than meeting some arbitary weight, that modern body images we get all the time are harmful to almost everyone, including those who are considered ideal and having a body that works for you is more important than all these things, occasionally it reads like an advertisment for her company but overall I found it quite empowering.

complicates things,

Paper and Fire: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

Lots of things that happened in the last book come to fruition in this and things just keep getting complicated. The Library has complex politics and the backstabbing is powerful. Our heros are finding more about what they can do in this world and how they can fight the system. This is a very interesting concept and world and I'm very curious as to what's going to happen next.

lighthearted romp

Miss Tonks Turns to Crime - M.C. Beaton
The plans have gone somewhat awry, the Poor Relations Hotel is actually successful but now it needs another cash injection, now it's Miss Tonk's turn and she decides to steal from her sister, who had stolen from her in the first place. 

Hijinks ensue and if you look too close things start to crumble but it's a light-hearted fun read all the same.

mixed stories

Regency Christmas Wishes - Carla Kelly, Christine Merrill, Janice Preston

Well as snow falls in Ireland Christmas stories are somewhat apt.


The first story is one of a Naval Captain who remembers a woman who nursed him when he fell ill. 10 years later he gets the letter he was waiting for, much of it water damaged, but the gist of the letter is that she says yes.  So he goes to find her and finds that things are more complicated than they seem.  There's a fair bit of miraclous happenings and literal deus ex going on in this but it's not a bad story overall


Her Christmas Temptation by Christine Merrill is an entertaining story of a rake who goes to break an engagement for his beloved cousin and finds that maybe his motives aren't so clear.  I really enjoyed this one.


Awakening his Sleeping Beauty by Janice Preston the Sleeping Beauty metaphor is stretched a little here but the story is good, an opressed heroine finding love and respect is always good.


Overall not bad and quite seasonally based, the last two are set during the 12 days of Christmas.

I want to have tea with Sophia and Lavinia.

Irresistible (The Horsemen Trilogy) - Mary Balogh

Sophia may be the main character and pivot for much of the heroism going on but Lavinia is a hoot and deserved a book of her own!


Sophia's husband died a hero at the battle of Waterloo and she was granted a house and servants by the crown. Only now she has to deal with a blackmailer who is leeching her dry, as well as the Four Horsemen, two of whom are married in previous books (that I haven't read but want to).  Sophia wants something more from life but fears what the blackmailer will do to others. She tries to strike a balannce but it's hard work.  Meanwhile she finds herself attracted to Sir Nathaniel Gascoigne, again, he's looking forward to marrying off his sister and ward and having batchelor freedom for a while, but Sophia is distracting him.


It's light and fluffy mostly but it deals with a complex problem of the time.

stepping back does this book no service

Shadow Reaper (The Shadow Series) - Christine Feehan

I enjoyed this read and found some of the description of the Shibari quite erotic but the interaction outside of this didn't feel quite as fleshed out and almost rushed. while reading it kept me interested but I was left wanting more.

His Convenient Marchioness (Lords at the Altar) - Elizabeth Rolls
The Marquess of Huntercombe is looking for a wife, she isn't really looking for a husband, they both lost famliy tragically, now he has to find a wife who can give him an heir and he finds Lady Emma Lacy attractive. He can give her family a future and his wealth but she fears the control his money would have over her, but then her father-in-law threatens to take the children away to be his heir she has to accept his offer but can they both find something more in the relationship.

I liked the characters and the building realtionship and the older ages of the hero and heroine. I also like that they had happy previous relatioships and don't regret them or a new relationship.


Dr Dawn's Guide to Digestive Health - Dawn Harper

This is a good basic guide to your digestive system.  Goes into some detail but not too much. Well worth a read.

food should spark joy...

Artful Eating - Karina Melvin

Interesting and possibly would get more stars if I had followed the exercises as it was going. I found it interesting but sometimes it felt a bit preachy.  It does emphasise being slow and thinking more about your food.  It did coalesce for me a moment where I thought I should only eat things that spark joy.


I really need a book that gives good time-poor breakfast and lunch ideas.

excellent SF

Behind the Throne - K.B. Wagers

Princess Hailimi Bristol is the spare, she decides to run away and have an interesting life while also investigating her father's death. She becomes a gunrunner and changes her appearance. The story opens with her losing a battle and being taken by the Indranan trackers back to her homeland and the news that her family are mostly dead and her mother is dying. She's the last heir from her family.  Now she has to survive the random attempts to kill her and find out what's going on and try to accept that she's going to be in charge in a matriarchial society where there's revolution in the air, and another empire who have plans.


I really enjoyed it and passed it on to my husband for him to enjoy too.

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