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Complex and I want to see where this is going

Tarnished City (Dark Gifts) - Vic James

Luke is a prisoner, about to go to the house of a man who has broken others. The Jardines are consolidating power in England and Abi is a fugitive.

Things that happen are complicated and set the last book up quite well, I really want to know what is going on and how everything is going to resolve itself.

Bad decisions...

Wait for Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel) - Kay Hooper

I like Kay Hooper but it's a very bad decision to start reading one of her books when I'm about to go to bed.


When there are a number of mysterious deaths that are apparently accidental but there are too many of them in too short a time in this small town.  Each of the deaths have first text messages with "Wait for dark" in them and when the sherrif discovers this he realises that he's out of his depth and he asks for help from the SCU unit.  Bishop sends Hollis Templeton and some of the rest of the team.  The killer is hiding in society well and is almost taunting them.


While the story was quite satisfying in some ways I did feel like I was missing something in it and the conclusion felt somewhat random.

Christmas party romance

The Wallflower’s Mistletoe Wedding - Amanda McCabe

Captain Harry St George has survived war but now he has to find a wealthy heiress to rescue his family estate that his father let run to rack and ruin. His former flame is now available, her husband having died, however they seem to have drifted apart (she and his brother seem to be drifting closer). Rose Parker is from a family where their father lost everything and they're trying to live, she has a position as companion to her cantankerous aunt.

They are both at a Christmas party and they both are technically unsuitable but they find themselves very attracted to each other.

It's interesting and the characters do spark off each other.

The Sword Of Shannara - Terry Brooks

Lo, these many years ago I read this. After seeing the TV series I decided to revisit the books. I remember borrowing them from the Libraries at the time but I only read so far before stopping, I think I just stopped caring and now that I'm revisiting I'm finding that I don't really care what happens to the characters outside of seeing where the plot is going to lead them. It is interesting to see a world that 's more SF than fantasy as it's a post apocalypse story where Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and all of that are as a result of a catacalysm and it's quite complicated.

Shea Olmford is a half-elf and Allanon takes him from his familiar world to help save the world from the Warlord King as he's the last heir of Shannara and the only rightful bearer of the Sword of Shannara.

It has a few lazy "all x do y" moments but otherwise quite readable.

A Pregnant Courtesan for the Rake - Diane Gaston

Oliver Gregory spent an amazing day and night with a woman in Paris. He finds her again in London at the gentleman's club he runs in London with three other friends, and discovers she's pregnant and she claims it's his. He doubts her but he never wants a child to grow up like he did, his mother was Indian and he was called a bastard all his life.

But can he trust her, a woman who was a celebrated courtesan...

It's interesting and heartwarming.

Etched in Bone  - Anne Bishop

And the series winds up, Humanity has discovered that it's prey, or at least most have. The Lakeside Courtyard has emerged relatively unscathed, but when Lieutenant Montgomery's dodgy brother arrives looking for something for nothing and not wanting to mend any fences. Although Simon and the Lieutenant want him gone, more powerful forces than him want to watch him, see how he worked, only he makes tensions worse. When he threatens Meg things will change forever.

An interesting look at how humanity copes when they're not at the top of the food chain.

Goldenfire - A. F. E. Smith

Very interesting misdirection here with many candidates for the spy and a lot of interesting science meeting magic. Alya Nightshade is dealing with her brother's death, power, politics and how apparently there is an assassin trying to kill her. There's a weapon out there that can kill her family and she has to find ways to mitigate it without killing herself. Meanwhile her personal life is complicated too.

I liked it, good characters and a good story and quite enjoyable.

Pursued for the Viscount's Vengeance - Sarah Mallory

Viscount Gilmorton has decided that he will wreak revenge on Deborah Meltham's brother by ruining her reputation, not realising that what he is assuming is mistaken and that it's all going to go horribly wrong when he falls for her.

There's a lot of moustache twirling bad guy going on here and I quite enjoyed it.

Excellent, geeky fun.

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss - Max Wirestone

Dahlia Moss is unemployed, trying to find a job and failing, living with an eccentric friend and trying to resolve some of her issues with life and love and everything. When a guest at her friend's party offers her a lot of money to discover who stole a unique item in a game he's been playing she reckons it;'s easy money. When he turns up dead, impaled by a replica of the same spear things get very complicated and her life turns complicated.

Full of geeky moments and a great main character I really enjoyed it.

Dark Asylum (Jem Flockhart) - E. S. Thomson

You almost can't blame some of the characters for the terrible things they do but overall this felt like a chronicle of atrocities rather than a tighter story.  The red herrings were interesting too and the reasons for the murders were logical in their own way but I just finished the book with no real impulse to continue reading this series.  I was interested in the book and the characters but when it was over I was content that this story had done all it needed to.

Witch - Lisa Lister

While there were parts of this I disagreed with, there was a lot of this I felt spoke quite loudly to me, she has a great turn of phrase and way of putting things that made me think a lot about women, their role in society and how it's been messed with.  I wasn't fully in agreement with her but overall it was a book that I took a few thoughts from that will stay with me.

Rescued by the Forbidden Rake - Mary Brendan

Faye Shawcross is trying to bring up her siblings and hoping that her fiance will continue to wait (while he signals his dodgyness by demanding that she lose the brats before he will be willing to marry). She lost some of her inheritance by bad investments (suggested by said fiance too). She entangles herself with the rougish Ryan Kavanagh who helps her when her sister gets herself in potential trouble. Ryan troubles her and intrigues her and he wants her but she wants stability and propriety and he doesn't offer this, but he does offer an affair at first and then he realises that he wants her in his life.

It was a fun read with some fun characters.

The Fallen Kingdom: Book Three of the Falconer Trilogy - Elizabeth May

Humanity is on it's last legs and everything is gone to pot when Aileana comes from the grave to save everything but it's not going to be easy. She will have to defeat the Morrigan and survive powers that are killing her and her enemies.


It just didn't quite make me feel like it worked, it was probably me.  Honestly, I didn't like the end.


Sliver Silence - Nalini Singh

This was the book that made our kitten very happy, because she had her human beside her for longer as I read "a few more pages" before getting up properly.

Silver Mercant lives with absolute control over her life, after all her life depends on it. Valentin Nikolaev is a were-bear and determined to disrupt her regular life. Thankfully so when she keels over from poisoning he's on the scene and able to help ensure that things aren't as bad as they could be. Afterwards he brings her to the Bear home and they find out how much they mean to each other.

The roadbumps are interesting and I liked how things were resolved.

Reading progress update: I've read 330 out of 664 pages.

The Sword Of Shannara - Terry Brooks

I read this many many years ago and thought to read it again, it falls into the racial trap a lot, aka all x are y; and I'm tired of this.

Surprise baby.

A Secret Consequence for the Viscount - Sophia James

Viscount Bromley is believed dead, until he turns up, scarred and battered and with no memory of some events, including falling in love with Lady Eleanor.  There's also a child from this relationship that is supposedly from a Scottish lord Eleanor married (fake scottish lord she never married but it a good camoflague).  She wants the relationship again but she wants it to be real.  Meanwhile people keep trying to kill him, his former life in England left him with a few enemies, not least of which was his uncle who has assumed his title and fortune.


This one wraps up the stories of the four owners of Vitium et Virtus and how their lives have moved on, I'm backtracking to A Pregnant Courtesan for the Rake to finish out the quartet.

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