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Choices can be hard

A kiss away from scandal - Christine Merrill

Hope Strickland has to deal with the problem of the fact that there has been an earl found for the family estate and he's on his way. He has requested an audit and she's worried that some of the items her grandmother sold will be missed. Her sister's husband engages Gregory Drake to help. A self-made man he's well known for fixing the problems of the aristocracy. Hope thinks that the best way to save the family is to marry the new earl but she finds Drake a distraction.

It's interesting and fun and I enjoyed the read. The Grandmother is so funny. Every scene she's in she steals the show.

Self help or self destruction?

Help Me! - Marianne Power Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway - Susan  Jeffers Money, A Love Story: Untangling Your Finances, Creating the Life You Really Want, and Living Your Purpose - Kate Northrup The Secret - Rhonda Byrne Fuck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way - John C. Parkin Earth Angels - Doreen Virtue The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change - Stephen R. Covey The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead - Brené Brown You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L. Hay

Marianne decides to explore 12 popular self-help books over 12 months at the beginning of one year and discovers that they're not always helpful.


If you're like me you've read a lot of self-help books and occasionally taken a few pieces of advice from them before inertia and time spent doing other things moves you away from the book.  I keep meaning to do a Kondo-esque tidy but it would require more of my energy than I'm willing to devote to it.  I do question if it sparks joy of things I'm putting away and I've removed a few things from my house as I'm asking that question.  (I also remind myself that I deserve better than the things that don't work on my skin or in my life etc.).  I also listen to the excellent By the Book Podcast and often agree with a lot of their points about the ones I've read.


The Books she chooses are: Feel the Fear and do it anyway; Money a love story; The Secret; F**k it: the ultimate spiritual way; Angels with Doreen Virtue; 7 Habits of Highly effective people; Power of Now; Get the Guy; Daring Greatly and You can heal your life.  She strugles with depression and becoming a bit of a self-centred ass for a while and all the time her very Irish mammy trys to steer her on a good path.


Like me she finds things that resonate in books and sometimes she obsesses a bit and I couldn't abandon my life for a year like she did to look inward but by the end she's less broken, mostly by connecting with the people who are real in her life.


A Duke by Default - Alyssa Cole

Portia Hobbs from the previous story (and this works alone, there are some references to the previous book but it's not necessary to have read it to get this) gets an apprenticeship with a swordmaker in Edinburgh, Scotland. There she starts to try to help him turn things around and it's all complicated by their feelings for each other.

And then she finds out that he's the heir to a dukedom.

Complicated things make things complicated and make relationships difficult.

Consistently entertaining

Lies Sleeping - Ben Aaronovitch

Peter is now a Detective constable and they're still on the hunt for Martin Chorley, the Faceless Man, and they're getting closer to him. He has a plan that could change the future and Peter is going to need help from everywhere he can get it. What you get is what Peter sees mostly and sometimes he doesn't see anything. Bells feature and more of they mythos of London and it's all quite complicated.

Interesting to see Peter progress through his career and how things change for him and also how his relationship with Beverly changes.

I enjoyed this as always and look forward to the next instalment.

Another bit of a slog

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Griffin

I'd been reading it for a while and kept putting it down, I was about half-way through.  Having just finished another book I decided to give it a go.  And it started to take off and I finished it in a fairly short amount of time.


This has got a fair amout of hype about being a retelling of Frankenstein, and it is.  Also a tale of betrayal and a complicated world where technology broke and some sort of epidemic means that most people have some part of them that's artificial.  Nell's the only one with an artificial heart.  Her father is the man who built a lot of people's spare parts.  Everyone is expected to prove why they should stay in the city (called Blackpool which is a literal translation of the Dublin or Dubh Linn name for the city) or be part of the rural support for the city.  She's pulled everywhere by different people and the knowledge that was.


I wasn't sure when I was, it seemed that people had a memory of the time before but others didn't and I felt like it wasn't clear enough.  There was world building but the foundations felt insecure and tenuous and honestly while I don't regret reading it it wasn't my favourite read so far this year.

a bit of a slog

Prince of Dogs - Kate Elliott

Sanglant, King Henry's bastard son is capitve of the Eika Bloodheart in the city of Gent, unknown to anyone.  Liath is now one of the King's Eagles, grieving over Sanglant and trying to avoid Hugh, while trying to understand her father's teachings and what it could mean.  Alain is now a Count's heir, is having visions of one of the Eika and the Lady of Battles appears to have a purpose for him.  Fifth Brother, one of the Eika, the least favoured of Bloodheart's sons is trying to raise an army and understand the visioins he is having of Alain.  Meanwhile Anna is trying to survive this broken world and keep safe.


It's a complicated world and you can see by the end that there are wheels within wheels and the story progresses, but I found it a bit of a slog.  Satisfied by the end but I wanted more.

Procurer romance

A Scandalous Winter Wedding - Marguerite Kaye

The Procurer's story.. it's been many years since Kirstin Blair and Cameron Dunbar had a night of passion and she's gone on to have a successful business finding the right places for people to reinvent themselves. Now Cameron needs her help to find his niece. Only there's still a spark there and spending time together will fan those flames. When he discovers that she has a child will he understand?

It was interesting to see the procurers back story filled out and I'm curious if she will keep operating.

Fun Christmas romances

Convenient Christmas Brides - Carla Kelly, Louise Allen, Laurie Benson

This set of Novellas starts out well with The Captain's Christmas Journey where Captain Everard is escorting Verity to her job as governess only to discover that her prospective employers are terrible people that he wouldn't let mind his coat never mind a human.

Eleanor advertises for a suitable gentleman to pose as her bethrothed over Christmas, Captain Andrew Padgett Stanton is waiting for the paperwork to declare him Lord Ravenscroft and meanwhile he's at a loose end. On half pay from the Armed Forces he's getting tired of relying on friends to help. Sparks fly and it's a fun read.

Lord Montague Pearse and Lady Juliet Sommersby are caught in a compromising position and have to find out if they compatable. An opportunity to know each other happens when they're retrieving mistletoe in the estate.

All the stories are well done and enjoyable but I really enjoyed the first story by Carla Kelly and wanted more.

Reading progress update: I've read 325 out of 612 pages.

Prince of Dogs - Kate Elliott

Slow going, for me

Reading progress update: I've read 150 out of 407 pages.

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Griffin

I started this last year, I am finding it a bit not me and wondering if it's going to be better.  One more try before I give up.

A Beauchamp heir book

Lady Olivia and the infamous rake - Janice Preston

Lord Hugo Alastair rescues Lady Olivia Beauchamp from certain ruin and then finds that he's attracted to her, but his reputation is not good and her family don't approve.  He finds that he wants to be a better man with her, and starts to think that a life without her wouldn't be worth living.


Entertaining.  I used some wait time on the phone to the revenue comissioners well.

Love lost and refound

The Governess's Convenient Marriage - Amanda McCabe

This was a sweet tale of young love that had divergent paths that then led back together and after some struggles ended up in romance.


When they were young Lady Alexandra Mannerly met Malcolm Gordonson when he was a crofter's son and she the daughter of the manor.  Scandal has damaged her family and now she works as a governess.  Given an opportunity to be governess to two girls in Paris she jumps at the chance and finds Malcolm as a wealthy owner of a very fashionable shop in Paris, part of his chain of stores.  


The romance was well done, you could see how the misseps could start and how the puppy love turns to full blown romance. Charming and quite a fun read.

His mistletoe marchioness - Georgie Lee

Many years ago she was left and Hugh, Lord Delamare broke her heart. She married but now she's a widow. He has been invited to the same party, also a widow.

But can she trust him

Well sparks did fly and it was an interesting read.

the mother finds love

Someone to Care (A Westcott Novel) - Mary Balogh

So when the Earl of Riverdale died it was discovered that he had a bigamus marraige.  This is a tale of his one-time countess Viola who is trying to get a sense of herself after allthe fuss and noise has died down.  She bumps into the Marquess of Dorchester, Marcel Lamarr, whom she was attracted to before.  So they run away and have some fun, only their families find them and they're engaged suddenly.


There was a lot of assumption and a lot of pearl clutching by various parties but there was also a lot of romance and two characters who needed each other.


There were times where it dragged a bit and where things felt a little forced but overall it was entertaining.


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Well done audio

Eaters of the Dead - Michael Crichton

Listened to this after reading and both were after watching the film.  To be brutally honest my favourite experience was the film.


An Arab diplomat goes on adventures in northern viking lands and the events of Beowulf unfold, It's an interesting look at the story and the adventures that they have.  It makes me want to explore Beowulf.

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