The Earl's Inconvenient Wife (Allied at the Altar, Book 2) (Sisters of Scandal) - Julia Justiss

Temperance (Temper) Lattimar is too scandalous really because of her family. Lady Sayleford decides to sponsor her and allow her the season she has to have in order to fulfil her dream of releasing her dowry and travelling the world. In order to keep things above board Lady Sayleford recruits her godson to squire her around. He's the second son, an MP and aristocrat, Gifford Newell and a friend of her brother.
The two of them embark on the social round and discover that really only one person is distracting them, each other. Then scandal forces them into a marriage of convenience and it gets complicated by both of their pasts.
I liked the two of them and the tenderness Gifford gave after the marriage. It was sweet and gentle and lovely and the two characters seemed to be good foils for each other. Really enjoyed the read.