Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 432 pages.

Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men - Caroline Criado-Pérez

(not exactly sure what page I'm on here but approximating - I'm just about to start the chapter that mentions Piano Keyboards)

Serious error in picking this up as a book to read last night. It sucked me in and kept me reading, I knew about some of it but this was just heaping on the indignity.  Our industrialised world just doesn't accommodate women. People are surprised that my cabinets, and countertops are lower than normal, I'm short why wouldn't they be? My brother was installing the kitchen and he just made shorter plinths for things.  

I played piano to quite a high level (I passed grade 7 of 8 with only a diploma after that) but my hands were suffering.  I literally had a ganglion and octave scales were hurting.  I looked at the requirements for Grade 8 and noped out of it.  I would have destroyed my hands (not to mention that I was a plodding musician, good but not great, I've seen great, I'm not there)

I was quite upset at the idea that a woman had to get breast reduction surgery to stay safe in her stab vest.  That sort of rubbish needs to stop.