Dead End Dating: A Novel of Vampire Love (Dead End Dating, Book 1)

Dead End Dating - Kimberly Raye Lil Marchette is your "new" vampire, she's not into wearing black, likes shoes and modern clothes, and is ditzy. When given a choice between joining the family copy-shop and finding a new career she decides that a new career is good, the new career she decides on is matchmaking, for both the undead and the live.In this world there are two kinds of undead, the born undead and the made undead, there's a real class struggle between the two and she's a born undead so when she meets with bounty hunter Ty Bonner who is made and who she's very attracted to there's tension. Add in a serial killer and you've got a pretty typical vampire romance.And it is pretty typical, and pretty mindless, and not too bad but nothing I'd rave about.