concept more than people

The Belles - Dhonielle Clayton

So it's an interesting read, it's also an interesting concept but honestly I didn't care what happened to the people.


This is a world where in New Orleans people are born grey and only the power of a Belle can make them beautiful.  Camellia Beauregard is one of these Belles and she wants to be the court favourite.  However she isn't at first but later she is and she starts to discover that court politics aren't fun; that things are complicated and that the life of a Belle isn't that great.


These young women were badly educated for their roles and the fact that it came to them as a shock is actually shocking.  Court politics are messy and that should have been a core part of their education, never mind some of the other issues.  


It's an interesting concept novel but I feel no need to continue with the series.  I might pick it up but I'm not hunting it down.