mixed bag

Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes - George Mann, Philip Purser-Hallard, Andrew Lane, Mark A. Latham, Nick Campbell, James Goss, William Patrick Maynard, Alexandra Martukovich, Roy Gill, Scott Handcock, Guy Adams, Lou Anders, Justin Richards, Philip Marsh

It's like any short story collection, a mixed bag of good and meh.  There are a lot of slightly different takes (an interesting mash of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Conan Doyle in The Snowthorn Terror).


For me none of the stories really stood out exceptionally as very good but neither did they stand out as exceptionally bad (except perhaps "An adventure in three courses", which wasn't as much bad as fairly out of what I would see as Holmesian character).  Several have supernatural or SF elements and I found it an entertaining read.