Truth isn't always easy

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

The treaty has held for many years but now it's crumbling and at the centre of this is Safiya and Iseult. Two friends who want some adventure but not as much as is heading their way.

Iseult is a truthwitch and that skill is rare, now she want to try to hide this and have some freedom but a ball and the handsome Merik might make her wonder about possibilities. Then there's kidnapping, chases, a seemingly deathless bloodwitch and a lot of shennigans.


It was an interesting read with interesting characters. It's did have some moments where the story stuttered a bit but overall I want to read more in this series.


With a little stretch this could be Creepy Crawlies (between the bloodwitch and the Sea Foxes) much of the adventure occurs at sea so it could be Fear the Drowning Deep if I hadn't used that one already, it also falls into Spellbound, but I've also used that as well.  Ah well, I'm going to regard this as a miss for the game.