charming inventor romance

The designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh - Stephanie Laurens

Ah, insomnia, all the joy of reading with none of the revitalisation of sleep, with added grumbling from my husband about the time etc.  Ireland is in the grip of a heat wave and I am not suited to hot summer nightsm, nor are our houses.


Lord Randolph Cavanaugh is travelling to Buckinghamshire to investigate the progress of an inventor.  Little does he know that the inventor has died and his son has taken over the job and that his sister, Felicia, is a distraction.  Felicia is struggling to keep the family solvent but her brother and formerly her father are caught up in the throes of invention.  Randolph and Felicia have to work together to make sure the horseless carriage makes it's way to an exhibition.  And there's a saboteur making things more difficult.


I loved how the characters were so competent in many ways, how Randolph realised that Felicia is smart and encouraged her to use that smarts and when he proposed marriage he also proposed a partnership and it was just so good.  I cared deeply about the characters and the outcome and was so happy when everything resolved itself so well.