I giggled a lot.

Slightly Sinful (Bedwyn Saga #5) - Mary Balogh

The situations people find themselves in, the characters, the revenge meeted out, all so satisfying. Yes, the main female character had moments of silly and the male occasionally was a bit too determined that his way was the best, but the women kept showing him different ways of approaching problems and poking gentle fun at his assumptions.


Knocking himself out and waking up in a brothel doesn't sound like a bad plan to a lot of men, but no clothes and no memory is a problem.  Waterloo has just happened and the chaos has caused a few problems, not least of which is how to get back to England and how to get revenge on a man who robbed several of the characters.  In order to fix things Rachel York decides on a plan, but Lord Alleyne Bedwyn (known as Jonathan Smith for a lot of the story) wants to help, and his help complicates things.


I really liked the cast of characters and would love to see it filmed.