hints at paranormal

Playing with Fire - Tess Gerritsen

Intellectually I knew that there had been Jewish people in Italy during the Second World War and that the Nazi's had taken over, for all intents and purposes, but it never really occurred to me that Italian Jews were sent to death camps, of course they were, I had just never truly realised it.


I'm not normally a huge fan of audiobooks but this was perfect as an audiobook. There was music intertwined in the story, as there was in the story being told, when there's musicians and mystery pieces of music, audio is a useful medium.


The story starts with a violinist, Julia Ansdell, discovering a piece of music in a book she finds in a small Roman antiquities shop.  As she starts to play the piece she realises that it has layers.  However strange things seem to be happening around her daughter after she starts to play. She's afraid that the piece is affecting her daughter. Haunted by her mother's insanity she has to try to keep herself together to find the truth behind the piece.  At the same time there's a story of a lutier family and a gifted magician and the tragedy of being Jewish in Italy during World War II.


There are some suggestions of paranormal during the story but most of it is simply explained in ways that somewhat left me feeling cheated.