The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae (Cynster Sisters Trilogy, #3) - Stephanie Laurens

Angelica Cynster knew that she was going to have to get to know a man she sees across a crowded room, the necklace from the Lady says that he's for her, little does she think that he's going to kidnap her and bring her to Scotland, little does he know that she's partially good with this plan and is going to help. I kept thinking of the phrase about a man chasing a woman until she caught him.

Thankfully not a Stockholm syndrome story (not quite, she is a bit more enthusiastic because of the necklace before it all starts and she just gets caught up with it. I really enjoyed it. The couple worked for me.

But please, can we have fewer hulking brutes as heroes?


I get it, I do get it, big men are interesting to some people but honestly the huge guy and tiny woman trope is just overused at the moment.  It's like people prefer the Beast to the ordinary guy in Beauty and the Beast and all the men in their world are like that.