Dragon Heir, The

The Dragon Heir  - Cinda Williams Chima Seph and Maddie are trying to deal with their relationship with each other and the consequences of the last book, Jason finds treasure in a cave that is going to change everything and the town of Trinity is starting to attract a lot of attention from wizards. It's a complicated world Chima has built up and the characters are interesting, the teens are having to cace up to things that they maybe aren't ready for and their lives will never be the same again. This one sucked me in and kept me reading past my bedtime! I enjoyed the story and found that while the ending was bittersweet and left some things up in the air it was more real for all that. It did leave space for later stories in the world, but this arc of story has been played out. I'm happy to have read them but feel a strange sense of loss now the story is over.