Entangled - Graham Hancock I'm really not sure what kind of story he was trying for here. Two women, one from the Neolithic and one from modern America have to fight a great evil together, linked by astral travels and the great earth spirit. Hancock uses his theories liberally throughout the book and I can see where some of the ideas come from having read some of his other books. There's liberal swearing all over the place and probably the main neolithic character did use that sort of language. However it sometimes comes across as a bit lazy. The main bad guy Sulpa is truly evil, with no redeming features, even his followers are afforded no chance to redeem themselves. It appears that Hancock sees the world in black and white. There's also child abuse which one of the heroes overcomes without any real issues except remembering that it happened. I'm sorry, this just doesn't ring true. I also had issues with the lack of training for the 21st century hero, she went from being untrained to very capable in a very short amount of time and it just didn't work for me. Overall it comes across as being the kind of book that could become a SyFy movie, harmless, but not something that makes you want to watch/read it again.