Female Chauvinist Pigs: Woman and the Rise of Raunch Culture

Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture - Ariel Levy This doesn't offer any answers, just questions and the questions are pretty disturbing. This book was read while a man justifies a t-shirt that says "no+rhyphonol=yes" with a "not intended for ugly feminists"; where a book for children depicts a tomboy princess realising that dressing up is the way to win the boy; and where an orthodox Jewish girls school is picketed by ultra-orthodox men because the girls are "too distracting", and those were just what made it's way onto my twitter stream during the day I was reading this short collection of essays on women today. It's a scary read. Women are trying harder and harder to be men, rather than women, and are finding the task impossible. The behaviour many are emulating are teenage boys but they're failing to become adults, thus undermining the entire feminist agenda. Women's roles have become more constrained, more trivialised and this book asks many of the deep questions about why and how we've accepted this from the constant battering of our psyches by media.