If You Dare: The MacCarrick Brothers Bk. 1

If You Dare - Kresley Cole It's telegraphed from the Romance tag. When she, Lady Allalia Tristan Llorente, meets him, Courtland MacCarrick, it's a rescue. She rescues him (nice change); from a murder attempt by his former employer, as a mercenary, Generald Reynaldo Pascal. She finds him attractive but offputting, he finds her attractive but the curse his family is under is in the way. They do find a way. It's nothing special in the genre, the character accents are a bit grating and don't really come across as convincing and the distances belittled a little too much. All the way from Andorra to London is a pretty big distance in the, pre-modern, whenever this is set (my mind isn't helping with the details, post guns anyway, pre-20th). Readable but has no depth.