Son of the Morning

Son of the Morning - Linda Howard Take one shot of Templar secrets, a half shot of romance, one shot secret society, one shot time travel and one shot ruthless megalomaniac; shake well and you get this novel. Grace St. John is a scholar specialising in ancient manuscripts who is deciphering a set of recently discovered papers that appear to be a key to a lost treasure. When she finds herself on the run after her ruthless boss kills her husband and brother she decides that the papers must be very important and she works on translating them, with a little help from an interesting variety of characters. What she eventually discovers changes her world. Now it's not a bad read, Graces' growth is quite interesting and dragged me in but the resolution left me a little unsatisfied and I'm finding it difficult to work out why. It falls somewhere between a romance novel and the Da Vinci code and I found it quite readable.