A Countess Below Stairs

A Countess Below Stairs - Eva Ibbotson I really enjoyed this read, granted Anna Grazinsky came across as being a bit too perfect a lot of the time but still I found it great fun. I was drawn into this story of trying to succeed when it was all stacked against you. Countess Anna Grazinsky fled Russia after the revolution and lives with her governess in London. It's 1919, the Great War is over but Anna is at a loose end. She realises that without money or prospects the best thing for her to do is find a job and she finds a job working as a housemaid in a stately home. She finds herself in a world of a very different sort. By sheer dint of hard work she gains the respect of the other staff. Things change when the Lord of Westerholme returns home, particularly when his fiancee turns up. Yes, sometimes Anna was a little too perfect but it was a great read.