Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love - Lisa Kleypas, Kay Hooper Two nice Christmas romances. The first is Kay Hoopers' Holiday Spirit where a matchmaking Grandmother is helped by some friendly ghosts. Lady Antonia broke off her engagement with Richard, Duke of Lyonshall several years ago. She never told him why and a chunk of the story is him finding out the why. If it wasn't for her grandmother and a snowstorm they wouldn't have this opportunity. The second is the story of a newly rich Irishman married to a Boston socialite. She loves him but has to find a way of creating a real relationship with him. He has no idea how to treat her, whether or not he can treat her as a person or as a trophy. The two stories are interesting. Completely different stories with different character. I found the Kleypas story very interesting and it made me curious about more of her books. The other was also interesting and a fun read.