A Crown of Lights

A Crown of Lights  - Phil Rickman Betty and Robin Thorogood are two pagans who have bought a de-comissioned church. Merrily Watkins is the local exorcist and a local vicar. There's rumours of some unorthodox activities by the rector in the same dioceses. The bishop asks Merrily to go on TV to talk in a trash-chat-show, because she's the only available person who is suitable for the job. There's also some issues about the history of the churches in the area and rumours of a Dragon. All making it sound like my kind of book. Indeed it was for a while until it fell into the trap of painting Pagans as all being delusional, with the subtext of the "Pagan Conspiracy" to bring evil back that one of the teenagers finds out about. Gah. The book left with with a bit of a bad taste and although it had great potential it failed to impress.