The Golden Fool: The Tawny Man Book 2

The Golden Fool  - Robin Hobb This is a series that you need to block out time for, dedicate the time to because it will suck you in and you should also have the series to hand. Well I suppose only if it's your cup of tea and it is mine. I want the next book NOW to finish up the series and also don't want it because it would be the end of the series. More tales of politics and trying to get things to work out and Fitz still trying to hide his identity, the fool with his plans, a marriage to be organised and the witted to keep alive. A long book, not an easy read but it hauls you in and makes you want to return to the story and find out what's going to happen next. My only problem was finding the proper amount of time to dedicate to this book so I could properly immerse myself in it.