Dark Fire (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 6)

Dark Fire - Christine Feehan Best part about this book? The cover without a doubt. I'm sure there are women who like the idea of a strong man who takes over and makes all the decisions but I'm not one of them and really Tempest isn't either. It's better than the other ones I've read, but honestly that doesn't move it much further up my ratings than to "readable". Tempest ran away when very young to escape abuse and meets a group of carpathians including Darius, who discovers that she's his soulmate and procedes to insist that she should become his mate. Honestly if I was Tempest I'd still find the overbearing and irritating and would want more freedom. I wouldn't find it romantic or appealing, I'm sure there are people who do but I'm not one of them.