Bite - Angela Knight, Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Vickie Taylor Laurel K Hamilton's "The Girl who was Infatuated with Death" had Anita needs to talk to Jean-Claude but oh angst she's got issues with him, works out most of angst, talks to Jean-Claude, solves the problem, goes to bed with Jean-Claude. Strangely enough the plot part of Incubus Dreams was almost the same story, only with more men. 2.5/5 Charlaine Harris's One Word Answer was a Stookie story. Stookie getting revenge on someone who killed her cousin. 3/5 Maryjanice Davidson's Biting in Plain Sight was the best of the series, Betsy didn't appear until quite late and it was the story of a community who had come to terms with their vampire, a man who wanted to be closer to her and the adventures they had while dealing with a vampire who convinced people to kill themselves for love. 4/5 Angela Knight's Galahad was a cute story about Vampires and Witches being magical beings created to save the world. I'd actually like to read more in this vein (yeah I couldn't help myself) 3/5 Vickie Taylor's Blood Lust was a story about a man who created an artificial blood and the implications that that would have for the vampire community. 3.5/5