Playing Easy to Get

Playing Easy to Get - Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jaid Black So the Sherrilyn Kenyon story Turn up the Heat? Not bad, Allison George wins a competition to live out a fantasy on an island and finds herself attracted to a man who on paper is the wrong man for her but makes her heart beat a bit faster. I loved Allison, determined, strong, but willing to concede when she needs help. I laughed a few times during it, I'd probably score this one 3.5 stars.However I'm not sure why it is bundled in with the other two. And the other two are forced seduction stories. The Jaid Black story, Hunter's Oath, made me think of John Norman's Gor stories. Woman kidnapped and sold on a block, naked, and also add in some sort of drug that makes her crave sex? That's sexy? That she comes to terms with her incarceration and "love" her owner? That's not love that's plain survival stuff. Not pushing my erotic buttons here, out of the framing story the sex would probably be erotic, inside it, no. It scores 2/5And then Kresley Cole adds The Warlord wants forever. Now what Myst did to Wroth wasn't good. Leaving him with a boner for five years, ouch. However, what he did was, in my book, unforgivable. Using her necklace to make her like sex with him? Overriding her wants? Threatening her with making her forget her family, her impulses, her own self in order to make her over to be the pliant sex toy he wants? I'm sorry, no, not sexy, not titilating, not attractive in the slightest. I've read a few of the stories in this series and this is making me want to stop. I have things that I really don't like in books and forced seduction is a no-no. To resolve this story he would need to do a lot more grovelling for me, honestly, I would have let him burn up in the sun, if I had been Myst. 1/5