Under Currents - Nora Roberts

While reading this I kinda felt like I had read it before, the storyline felt familiar.

Lets frontload this review by stating that the storyline features abusive relationships, both to children and adults from the start.  I found some of the scenes a bit hard to read.

The story starts with Zane Bigelow and his teenage life.  Outside it's all perfection but inside the house there's abuse, starting with spousal abuse and when Zane decided to step in, he too was abused until one day he decided enough was enough and his father accuses him of being the abuser and tries to have him jailed, because he was trying to stop his father from abusing his sister, Britt.  This is life-changing as everything comes out into the open and he finds himself being brought up by his aunt, a decent human being.

Then the story moves to him as an adult, a qualified lawyer, but his father will be getting out of jail soon.  He encounters Darby, a landscaper, who is moving to the town too, her ex-husband was abusive but she is determined to forge a new life.  They find themselves attracted and intertwined but someone appears to be determined to ruin their happiness.  To add to the mix a local abused wife looks for help.

I have to agree with another reviewer, there's too much plot here.  It's less a romance than several romances thrown together and made into a story.  It is possible that it was intended to be several stories in a series that were then shortened into one.  It is realistic and it kept me reading but it was quite messy.  I did guess the identities of the villains from fairly early on but overall I just felt like I had been caught in a whirlwind of story.

Not to bad but she's capable of better.