Strange Practice - Vivian Shaw

I will admit that I haven't read all the books referred to in this one. It managed to be complete without it and neither tried to be over-clever about how much the author had read or talk down to me.

Dr Greta Helsing (they dropped the Von a few generations ago for political reasons) works as a medic for the supernatural creatures that occupy London beside the ordinary people. There are spells on her Harley Street rooms to keep prying eyes from seeing too much, but she's happy. Her work makes her happy, not so much cash but a lot of satisfaction. Then one day Ruthven (a vampire) calls her to tend to Varney the Vampire, who has been stabbed by a dagger and isn't healing properly. This leads her into a strange situation where a murderous bunch of monks are killing supernatural and ordinary mortal without any qualm. Messily. Mortal and immortal have to join forces to defeat an unusual enemy and they find that they work well together.

It was a fun read. Greta is so matter-of-fact about it all, she grew up with these people around her and she knows that she has value to them. She is also clever and wants to solve what's going on for her patient's sake and to keep peace. I really had a blast reading it.