Needs better relationships

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore: A Novel - Matthew J. Sullivan
Minor nitpick: How is this bookshop staying open? The current economic climate has booksellers internationally at quite tight margins!
This story features suicide by hanging.
Lydia Smith used to have a different name but she achieved notoriety as the survivor of a serial killer attack (Nora Roberts has used this trope a few times). She works in a bookshop (that seems almost like a library) and tries to keep her life going. Sometimes almost going through the motions. She hasn't talked to her father in several years.
When one of the men who use the bookshop as a refuge (they call them bookfrogs after the frog in the Wind in the Willows) hangs himself in the bookshop he leaves Lydia all his treasures and she follows some clues he leaves into her past and the mystery of the murder at the centre of her life. He uses books to send her a message but it's complicated and messy. It will change her life and her attitude to everything.
Thinking back I don't recall a single functional relationship that involved sex in the story. It's not a bad read but it just felt like a lot of effort for not a lot of gain.