Watery changelings

Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Novel, A) - Nalini Singh

I enjoyed this.


Bowen is shot (second book in a row with a man being shot and being minded by a woman) He is sent to recover in an underwater city where they think they may have a way to mend the chip in his brain.  The procedure may also kill him.


Kaia lives in the underwater habitat and likes her life there.  Bowen is a disruption and she's not sure what she thinks about him. Some of her people are going missing and the evidence shows that the human grouping that Bowen leads are responsible.  However the man she meets is more honourable than that.


There are secrets and lies and a lot of complicated politics and Bowen may die or be left brain dead if this procedure goes wrong.  It's interesting.  Again, the man in this story is dealing with supporting rather than taking over from the woman and he communicates with her.  I'm enjoying this move in fiction. Strong men who don't need to prove anything.