Another bit of a slog

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Griffin

I'd been reading it for a while and kept putting it down, I was about half-way through.  Having just finished another book I decided to give it a go.  And it started to take off and I finished it in a fairly short amount of time.


This has got a fair amout of hype about being a retelling of Frankenstein, and it is.  Also a tale of betrayal and a complicated world where technology broke and some sort of epidemic means that most people have some part of them that's artificial.  Nell's the only one with an artificial heart.  Her father is the man who built a lot of people's spare parts.  Everyone is expected to prove why they should stay in the city (called Blackpool which is a literal translation of the Dublin or Dubh Linn name for the city) or be part of the rural support for the city.  She's pulled everywhere by different people and the knowledge that was.


I wasn't sure when I was, it seemed that people had a memory of the time before but others didn't and I felt like it wasn't clear enough.  There was world building but the foundations felt insecure and tenuous and honestly while I don't regret reading it it wasn't my favourite read so far this year.