Fun Christmas romances

Convenient Christmas Brides - Carla Kelly, Louise Allen, Laurie Benson

This set of Novellas starts out well with The Captain's Christmas Journey where Captain Everard is escorting Verity to her job as governess only to discover that her prospective employers are terrible people that he wouldn't let mind his coat never mind a human.

Eleanor advertises for a suitable gentleman to pose as her bethrothed over Christmas, Captain Andrew Padgett Stanton is waiting for the paperwork to declare him Lord Ravenscroft and meanwhile he's at a loose end. On half pay from the Armed Forces he's getting tired of relying on friends to help. Sparks fly and it's a fun read.

Lord Montague Pearse and Lady Juliet Sommersby are caught in a compromising position and have to find out if they compatable. An opportunity to know each other happens when they're retrieving mistletoe in the estate.

All the stories are well done and enjoyable but I really enjoyed the first story by Carla Kelly and wanted more.