quite bloody Moon Knight

Moon Knight Volume 1 - Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey

Moon Knight has always been in the shadow of Batman, but he has some quirks that Batman doesn't, being semi-possessed by an egyptian god (Khonshu, the Moon God) so he has a sort of immortality but he's powered by a powerful sense of justice. Right now he's dealing with some issues to do with how he has split himself into working pieces and often doesn't remember what his other selves do.  Talking to entities he sees but no-one else does is not helping the opinion people have of him.


It's interesting to see how he protects those he cares for by distancing himself from them but it's a hard life, even if you do have many selves to talk to and a god watching over you.  


It's interesting, much darker than earlier stuff I read, but still I want to read more.