well that's a 5th of November Daisy won't forget

Gunpowder Plot - Carola Dunn

Now Guy Fawkes is a problem in Ireland, burning a symbolic catholic? Yeah, not popular. Halloween is but 5th November, no.  I do understand that it's a popular celebration, today largely stripped of symbolism (except in some areas, mostly in Northern Ireland where sectarianism is still a ugly, divisive issue) so that did shadow my reading of the book.


Gwen Tyndall is an old school-friend of Daisy and invites her to the firework display they have every year, during the celebrations Gwen's father and a visitor is killed in an apparent murder-suicide. Things aren't so clear and it all starts to unravel. Daisy is pregnant and many things are not as easy as they should be.


Those kids were brats. I have a lot of pity for Babs during the aftermath and I hope things will get better for her.