politics is hard

Tyrant's Throne - Sebastien de Castell

Falcio val Mond is on the brink of sucess, he's just about to get Aline on the throne and to earn his rest when it all goes pearshaped and Trin is back and somehow he has to dig deep in his reserves and survive.


Falcio is an interesting mix of optimist and realist, he really wants his cynicism to be wrong only to have it proved again and again to be right and it's eating away at his soul. He's also tired of people he cares for dying but he's also finding that some of these people care enough about the same things he cares about. (I nearly cried at the coins, wow)


There are mild echoes of Brexit underlying some of the story but overall it's a satisfying conclusion to the series with hope that there may be some other stories involving Falcio, Kest and Brasti, some day, and I look forward to that day.