Immortal Christmas - Susan Krinard, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, Theresa Meyers

The edition I read was a 3-in-one.


This is an interesting collection of Vampire Christmas stories, starting with a story that made more sense of some of the Opiri series, Halfway to Dawn by Susan Krinard. This is a story of a mission that almost goes wrong and a vampire who remembers the Christmas Truce in World War I and who really wants to get as far away as possible from his master.  I loved the banter between the two ex-soldiers, they did show how people who have been together because of friendship would work together.  The romance was a bit rushed but good.


Bright Star by Linda Thomas came next and it was an interesting romance between two people who had their own obsessions and motives and who have to try to come to an understanding that will make both of them happy.  Enjoyable while I read it but I don't remember much.


Last but not least was The Gift by Theresa Meyers and I really liked this one, a cursed necklace and a complicated legacy makes for an interesting pair of people who have different agendas but working together might make them a great couple.


This is a good set of stories and I've read Krinard and Thomas before but I'd like to read more by Theresa Meyers.