Issues but overall good

A Promise of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

I have read a few reviews that have issues with the kidnapping and I agree, consent is damned important, a god declaring that he's her prize for being good still isn't consent. However, overall the story drew me in and kept me reading and made me want more.


Griffin is an interesting character and good foil to Cat (whose patron god, Poseidon, apparently gave him to her for healing). Maybe he should have put some effort into seduction then maybe, just maybe, things might have been a bit easier all round, though the sarky reaction to the kidnapping is entertaining.


About eight years before the beginning of the story Cat ran away from her abusive, powerful family and joined the circus and now she reads fortunes.  Sometimes she knows a little too much about what's going on with a person but she dismisses it as coincidence, mostly. She also can tell when you are lying.  In a world with Magic users who have most of the power and the commons who are starting to question the world order, she is straddling both sides, not really interested in power but often forced to use it.  Powerful enemies on all sides and she has to try to find the least worst.


Despite issues I enjoyed the read, Cat is fun, even if she does protest a little too much occasionally. She also is deeply aware that she can't ignore the problems around her.