The Fifth Ward: First Watch - Dale Lucas

Dark Fantasy meets The Guards in Ankh Morpork. With a lot of grit and moments of savagery this is an interesting, gritty, quite realistic view of policing in a fantasy world where everything is made more complicated by all the complex relationship with the different races.


Rem is running from the life everyone else wants for him but his money is running out.  A brawl lands him in jail and his option is more time in jail or joining the watch.  He does assigned to the experienced dwarf Torval.  During their first day they discover why his partner didn't turn up and the body of a wealthy young woman that starts to lead to a murky conspiracy and complex politics.


There's a lot of groins being abused here, the fights aren't clean or easy, but overall it's interesting and I enjoyed it and want more, maybe a little less graphic fights but the world is satisfying and complex.