Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein Rose Justice is a ATA pilot, ferrying people and planes so that men can fight. One day, on a routine flight in Europe she tries to interfere with a doodlebug and ends up being escorted to an airport by some German pilots. From there she ends up in Ravensbruck where she witnesses some terrible things.

The book is laid out as diaries, at first she's full of enthusiasm and spirit and then when she's recalling what happened to her, it's heartbreaking and also there's her work on getting herself back to herself, that broke my heart. She's a smart girl who becomes a woman under terrible circumstances that would break most people and then she finds herself wanting different things from where she was earlier in the war. She's a character who develops and while she will never regain her former self is still a whole person.

Interesting and heartbreaking, the list of Ravensbruck rabbits in the title page would break your heart when you think about it and the author sucked me in and made me care. It's not Code Name Verity. It stands well alone without Code Name Verity, with some similar themes but if you're looking for a revisit of the same story you will be disappointed.