The Defiant Hero

Defiant Hero (Troubleshooters 2) - Suzanne Brockmann Meg Moore is in an almost impossible situation, her mother and daughter are being held hostage in order to ensure that she delivers a man to them, a man who is willing to die. She asks for help from Navy SEAL Lieutenant John Nilsson as she negotiates, knowing that he could help and then she jerks him around. Some of it is understandable but some of it is plain annoying. However John is deeply in love with Meg and he's willing to cut her a lot of slack. Meanwhile you hear her mother's story of World War II and love while she plays a Scheherazade type gambit to keep one of her captors interested in them, convinced that she's a person and wanting to know how the story ends, while at the same time keeping her grand-daughter distracted. Overall an interesting story, nothing too deep but reads quite well and I found it enjoyable.