Deeper Than The Dead

Deeper Than The Dead - TAMI HOAG Now while I had read one of the later books in this series and did know, at least some of the characters who survived, this was an interesting read. Four kids find a body while going home from school and this body points at a possible serial killer who is killing the women in horrible ways, torturing them, blinding them by gluing their eyes shut, deafening them and gluing their mouths shut, before killing them. The various adults around the children are pivotal to the story and much of the story is about their reaction. There are also some nods to modern procedures, as while the book is set in the late 1980s it was published in 2009. The tension was kept going throughout the book and I really did get caught up in the story, I felt sorry for several of the kids and it did make me think about the nature of evil. This is a series I want to keep reading.