Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health - William  Davis I am on record as not being an advocate of all-or-nothing diets and this one is in that line. I know fully how restrictive gluten-free is, I have to live that life due to a very strenuous gluten allergy and it can be terribly hard. He confirmed my belief that there is too much gluten in things and that the gluten today is stronger and meaner than the gluten many years ago. Personally I belive that with the prevalence of gluten, it has become a serious issue and people are actually hurting because of it. If you doubt that there is gluten in too many things, take a look at your lunch. You're eating crisps? May contain gluten. Chocolate? May contain gluten. That sandwich? duh. The chicken on it, check it again, can contain gluten. The mayonaise? possibly gluten. They even bulk up some coffee with barley or wheat, which contain gluten. Do I think it's a practical diet? No. Do I think it's for everyone? No. Do I think some people might benefit from it? Yes Do I think it's the panacea for all ills? No To be honest I'm more in favour of 80/20 diets and think that people could stick to them. Completely excluding wheat/gluten/refined carbohydrate from your diet is a uphill task and while some of what he says makes sense and might be your thing, it might not. I also have certain issues about the use of artifical sweeteners, I'm not sure about the safety.