Crimes by Moonlight

Crimes by Moonlight - Charlaine Harris A collection of short stories by a variety of authors all with a paranormal and mystery twist, some better than others. First story is by Charlaine Harris herself, Dahlia Underground. A vampire wakes up in the ruins of a hotel and has to investigate why she was almost killed and makes friends in the process. Not a bad story. Hixton by William Kent Krueger an usual story about missing people with a twist that made me squirm. Small Change - Margaret Maron a girl uses her ability to change form to investigate a series of thefts at her father's store. The Trespassers by Brendan DuBois a murder gets a police chief involved and his solution is not what you'd expect. Madeeda by Harley Jane Kozak a ghost gets revenge in an unusual way House of Horrors by S W Hubbard a family deal with having an unusual child by accepting her. Sift, Almost Invisible, Through by Jeffrey Somers a man finds that pictures of himself have someone there, asks an investigator to look into it and things change. The Bedroom Door by Elaine Viets a woman's grandmother sees the dead in her bedroom door. What her grandaughter does with the information changes her life The Conqueror Worm by Barbara D'Amato - ghosts in the machine In memory of the Sibylline by Lou Kemp - long lived magician helps couple The Bloodflower by Martin Meyers - a girl moves to an apartment and her life changes utterly. The Awareness by Terrie Farley Moran a banshee investigates murder Tadesville by Jack Frederickson - a musician finds that faeries gift comes with a price Limbo by Steve Brewer a man wakes up in a morgue and investigates his death, the end has a savage twist. The Insider by Mick Wiecek - insider trading as a ghosts revenge. Swing Shift by Dana Cameron - fangborn get involved in espionage Riding High by Carolyn Hart - a ghost discovers that the afterlife isn't all that bad Grave Matter by Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane - strange tale of zombies and strange experiments. Death of a Vampire by Parnell Hall - cause of death turns out to be strange and somewhat messy Taking the Long View by Toni L P Kelner - a young vampire investigates a death that takes him on a twisty road. Overall not too bad, most didn't stand out but I liked Dahlia Underground, The Trespassers, The Awarenessm, Swing Shift, and Taking the Long View; though some others weren't bad. Not one I'd add to the collection.