The Vampire Shrink (Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist)

The Vampire Shrink   - Lynda Hilburn Up to the point where she was involved in a ceremony where nothing was explained and everybody just kept going "later" to her I liked this story. However, this was a sticking point for me. It's a lazy cliche being used in too many books to bind the heroine to the supernatural creature without actual consent being involved and this is where I have issues with a lot of Urban Fantasy. Without consent this is morally dubious at best and downright issue-laden at worst, and what's worse for me is that this is becoming a regular feature of books I'm finding. Safe, sane and consentual. These are three words that should dominate romance but they don't, they're not even regularly discussed and this character (and her creator) is a shrink. The story starts with our heroine Kismet Knight dealing with a girl who wants to be a vampire which leads Kismet into the vampire underworld of her city and some relationships with people who will change her life forever. Including a guy who is trying to get his revenge on the man she is falling heavily in lust with. It wasn't bad but I think it could have been better.