The Spirit War (Legend of Eli Monpress Series #4)

The Spirit War  - Rachel Aaron I love this series, Eli is a great character, he's so full of himself and often in a justified way. This time he's caught in a war that involves his friend Josef. It turns out that Josef is prince of a small state, whose mother is dying and who is summoned home by means of a bounty offer that tops the best Eli has ever managed to get to. Josef and Eli have to contend with politics, a wife for Josef and Eli's past. To add to it all most of the reason Josef's country is being attacked is Eli, he's also reliant on Eli to survive, both using his wits and his powers. Some of the mess may be Eli's responsibility and it's interesting to see how this world works and to see some glimmers of why it's not all his fault, at least this time. This brings into sharp focus some of the background stuff that's been hinted at in earlier books and hints at even murkier politics than the simple human stuff. I really want to read the next one too, and want to get people to read it more.