Eternal Hunger (Mark of the Vampire)

Eternal Hunger - Laura Wright There were occasions when this really didn't impress. It launches you into the story without too much preamble (I actually thought I was reading book 2 in the series at first). Alexander Roman has broken somewhat from the Vampire council and they decide to bring him under their heel by invoking the change that makes him vulnerable to sunshine. They want him to hunt down someone who is preying on the vampire communities. Dr Sara Donohue is working at helping people with traumatic pasts. Her main mission in life is to try to fix her brother, who is very scarred by the death by fire of their parents. She gets involved in Alexander's life when he turns up at her door, needing help. She's not sure if she should belive him but things change. It's not a bad story but I felt a bit out of water for a while. I didn't dislike it and will read more in this series.