Intertwined  - Gena Showalter The opening sequence with the bodies coming out of the grave, ick, and it almost put me off. Haden aka Aden has a strange life. Orphaned and in and out of psychiatric institutions since he was very young because he hears voices. They're actually souls and he's not sure why they're there. It makes him strange and isolated. He's now in a new town, Crossroads, and he meets Mary Ann who causes the voices to stop for a while. However it's Victoria he's been seeing in his dreams, and Victoria is a vampire, isn't it lucky that her bodyguard Riley is a werewolf and attracted to Mary Ann? It's not a bad start to a series, it does pull you in and ask almost more questions than you have answers for, but it's also a bit clunky, if I didn't know better I would swear that it's a first novel, but it isn't. I was entertained but wanted more from it than it gave.