Matter of Blood (The Dog-faced Gods Trilogy)

A Matter Of Blood (The Dog-Faced Gods #1) - Sarah Pinborough This year's PCon introduced me to a new person, Sarah, who was funny and witty and is going to be next year's guest of honour. After meeting her and talking to her I had to read something by her, I was glad I did. Set in a near future England, or possibly an England just a little different from now, the NHS is available to a select few, corruption is rife and Detective Inspector Cass Jones is a man whose life is crumbling around him. He's reliant on cocaine to keep him going and his marriage is a mess. When his brother is killed he's a major suspect. However his brother's death appears to be linked to other mysterious deaths and all paths are leading to The Bank, a shadowy organisation who control most of the world. Oh man, this is messed up, Cass is a mess, there's all sorts of stuff that's hinted at here but will probably make more sense as the series goes on and I love the Bank as mysterious overlord, how true is that. Sarah extrapolates some of what's going on in the world and plays an interesting what-if game. Looking forward to the next book in the series.