The Lion's Lady (Crown's Spies, Book 1)

The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood While it has some aspects of a historical novel it wasn't really all that well rooted in history in either the characters or the settings, I didn't really get that it was truly a regency novel, it could have been pretty much any time up to victorian. Christina Bennett is a woman raised by a Dakota Indian tribe after her mother dies. The tribe promised to return her to England when she was old enough and now she's in society, steered through by her avaricious aunt who sees her as nothing more than a source of her grandfather's monies. Christina meets Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood who is bitter after his first marriage and his first wife's betrayal. But the two of them are attracted. Lyon has to get over the cultural differences and sparks fly between them. It's not a bad read but I was left wanting more.