Divine Misdemeanours

Divine Misdemeanours (Meredith Gentry, #8) - Laurell K. Hamilton Apart from some of the errors comitted by various people. I mean seriously Merry should have tidied up her hair before entering a crime scene - if I was Detective Tate I'd almost be tempted to get myself some heavy duty hair nets for this contaminator! Also the value judgement that just because Lucy Tate was wearing a shirt that strained across the front was because she had to "pretend to be a man to fit in" both within two pages of the text almost made me want to throw the book away from me. Overall it was pretty predictable fare for this series. Merry or one of her harem have angst, it's mostly sorted using sex. Merry fails to empathise or the empathy lasts seconds. It was readable but sometimes I felt myself lost by the story because I have repetedely failed to really care all that much about the characters, they all sometimes blur into a much smaller number of men. Yeah, I'm kinda asking for it by keeping to read this series but it's diverting. Occasionally it shows spars of a better story lurking under the surface.