City of Bohane

City of Bohane - Kevin Barry Got as far as page 102 and realised that I was just skimming and not really reading and what's more I didn't care if every character died on the spot. Stopped reading. Joseph O'Connor on the back talks about it being "Joyce meets Anthony Burgess and as funny as Flann O'Brien"; Irvine Welsh says "He's destined to be a true literary Star" and Huno Hamilton says "An extreme adventure in pure language and fictional daring". When I read all these my heart sank. This is usually a sign of the more literary fiction that doesn't usually satisfy me Your mileage may vary. For me the slice-of-life novel masquerading as fantasy or sf don't satisfy. Actually slice-of-normal-life novels don't fire me up at all. I live that, don't need to read about it.