Midnight Crystal (Arcane Society Novels)

Midnight Crystal (Dreamlight Trilogy, #3; Arcane Society, #9; Harmony, #7) - Jayne Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz This is the third in an Arcane Society trilogy that involves the Burning Lamp. Each is written in Jayne Ann Krentz's alternative worlds, the victorian under the Amanda Quick name, contemporary under Jayne Ann Krentz and the futuristic under the Jayne Castle name. All three involve Men from The Winters family who have to battle the curse of their family with the Burning Lamp and a psychic woman. This time it's Adam Winters and Marlowe Jones. It's futuristic in that it's set on a different planet with alien ruins and an alien species referred to as Fluff Bunnies, who, it would appear, are more than they seem. I refer to it as SF-lite because it feels like a contemporary setting with a minor glaze of SF. The two main characters do come across quite well as being strong and interesting and their relationship does grow and has to overcome some obstacles (not the least of which is that there's someone out to kill them). I didn't find it a bad read but the Jayne Castle books are my least favourite of this author. I often feel that the SF elements just don't gell enough to make it different enough. It's as if she's trying to appeal to too many markets at once.