Adamantine Palace

The Adamantine Palace  - Stephen Deas I could see where he was going with the story. What if Dragons had been the top of the chain, then humans discovered a way of pacifing them and one got free and managed to get their mind back. What if these dragons were like phoenixes, reincarnating over and over and remember the years of servitude and humiliation. What if she decided to get revenge? This is that book, with a side order of human politics and politicking. The rulers of this world are a bunch of very backstabbing, nasty folk, interested in themselves and their power and not very concerned with much else. It's not really my kind of book, I didn't really care what happened to the characters and really at the end was still a bit ambivalent about actually continuing the series (when I discovered that the Library didn't have book 2 I wasn't very concerned, if I happen on it later I might read it) Overall, interesting concept, could have been a bit better. Has potential.